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The World Group

What Is The Mission Of The World Group?

The mission of The World Group, in addition to promoting a national identity, is to continually evaluate and improve standards of refrigerated logistics among our members and within our industry, and to provide our customers with competitive, value-added services.

What Are The Requirements For World Group Membership?

World Group members must meet stringent criteria for operational excellence, as well as demonstrating leadership in the market and their industry. In addition, World Group members must be independently owned, active in the International Association of Refrigerated Warehousemen (IARW) and World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), and must participate in the National Frozen Food Association's Certificate of Excellence Sanitation program.

Is There Joint Ownership Among The Members?

No. Each World Group member is an independent company. Unlike large real estate trusts, whose future may lie in their ability to provide a good return for their shareholders, The World Group members are committed to providing world class refrigerated logistics services. Our future lies in our ability to perform to customer expectations.

Why Form A Network?

There are certain synergies in value-added services such as transportation, international freight management, and processing and pool distribution created by the network of World Group members. What's more, customers can work through the closest World Group member to establish cost-effective warehousing and distribution systems in other markets.

What Advantage Does The World Group Offer?

It's a well-known fact that customers want to buy the best refrigerated logistics suited to their needs in specific geographic markets. What's needed in the northwest is not necessarily what's required in the southeast . . . or Midwest. . . or northeast. Consequently, each World Group member offers customers this regional expertise without the risk of "putting all of one's eggs in one basket."

What About Industry Involvement?

The World Group is active in all industry associates, including the IARW, WFLO, AFFI, NFRA, SCMP and many regional organizations, and often holds customer seminars and workshops for educational purposes. Ask your World Group representative for additional information.

Does The World Group Offer Dry Logistics Services?

Absolutely. We promote ourselves as the Alternative Refrigerated Logistics Network, but we do provide our clients with ambient temperature or dry services.

Is The World Group Strictly International?

No. Most of The World Group members offer comprehensive import and export services from container loading/unloading to freight forwarding and customs clearance to Foreign Trade Zone services. The majority our business, however, is providing temperature-controlled logistics within North America.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact your nearest World Group member.