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NOCS (New Orleans Cold Storage), a New Orleans based company with over 125 years of experience, is the oldest cold storage company in North America. We are a one-stop logistics services company offering 24 hour blast freezing in the port cities of New Orleans, LA; Houston, Texas; and, Charleston, SC, specializing in import and export cargo management, handling break bulk vessel and/or container loading. NOCS location at the port of entry / exit and capacity to blast freeze products at our port locations is one of the keys to a seamless logistics strategy, giving our customers a decided advantage in international shipping. We also cater to the local seafood and domestic distribution industry at all of our locations, as we handle and store products for restaurants, hotels and other food businesses in the area. NOCS Transport, our transportation arm, offers local and long-haul drayage services, as well as nationwide and local truckload and LTL delivery with a 48-state authority.

Locations: 4 locations at 3 strategic ports: New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; and Charleston, South Carolina

Proprietary Services:
NOCS Always Accountable Promise NOCS IT (Inventory Tracking).

Why Call NOCS?
Location, Expertise, and Accountability. We are strategically located in port cities for export and import business, and we are known worldwide for our expertise in international shipping. Our customers enjoy a comfort level unequalled by our competitors for blast freezing and the myriad of services we provide, as well as for our familiarity with the nuances and details in the international arena.