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Why The World Group

Why the World Group

1. You Have Greater Buying Power

World Group members are independently owned; company principals are actively involved in daily operations and are easily accessible. As a result, you and your associates are not encumbered by REIT hierarchy or the bottom line priorities of offshore investors or large holding companies. We & give you the best minds in the business & coast-to-coast & Canada and Mexico, too. From blast freezing and international moves to consolidation and distribution programs, The World Group is competitive, cooperative and committed to your success.

2. Regional Expertise: You Buy The Market

The North American market aside from global trading is tapestry of culture, infrastructure, pricing and relationships. What happens in L.A. (the city) is a world apart for LA. (the state). What sells well here won't move out there. It simply pays to know the best resource in each regional market. People who have lived and worked there, who know the lay of the land, so to speak. This is true in Mexico and Massachusetts, in Canada and Charlotte, in New York, St. Louis, or Sacramento. Regional expertise is the underlying value that distinguishes the World Group members from the national chains. . . one that will help your supply chain perform with better efficiency and at a lower cost.

3. Knowledge Bank For Your Asking

Best practices. How to's. Technology. International shipping and cross-border moves. This experience is immeasurable when World Group members share solutions in warehouse procedures and logistics, as each member coordinates distribution programs to the largest and fastest growing retail and foodservice customers throughout the world. Between the senior executives of our member companies, The World Group has more than 500 years of experience. We can access the right people with the rail lines, trucking companies, and shipping companies. As avenues of trade continue to open, and the world grows smaller and flatter, World Group members share a world of import and export expertise. What's more, we are confident in referring our customers to our members in other regions of the country, and our customers are comfortable with our advice.

4. Qualified For Your Business

The criteria for becoming a World Group member company serves as a pre-qualification to meet your needs: you know you are dealing with a company that adheres to industry standards for safety and sanitation, operational excellence and an open, collaboration approach to supply chain success.